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Cloud platform for mathematics & programming education

CES-Alpha is an innovative educational platform developed and used since 2015 by university educators, including those from Niigata University.

Discover the future of programming at your fingertips! No matter your current computer setup, our platform empowers you to access a powerful virtual computing environment through your web browser. Stay connected to the internet, and you'll be free to explore and master programming exercises from any location. Dive into the world of coding, and let your creativity soar with our convenient and flexible online solution.

Features of the service

Learning Management System(LMS)

  • Lecture Homepage: Dedicated lecture homepage to seamlessly share vital information and materials with students.
  • Report Submission: Effortlessly track submission statuses in real-time for both students and educators.
  • Adaptable Report Submission Form: Accommodate diverse report formats with the highly customizable submission form, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

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Online Chat

  • Student-Friendly Chat Function: A dedicated chat feature makes it easy for students to ask questions.
  • Role-Based Support: CES-Alpha accommodates the roles of students, teaching assistants, and teachers, providing tailored support to meet diverse classroom needs.

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Online Programming

  • Cloud-Based Programming: Leveraging Google's cloud technology, we offer a browser-based programming environment, eliminating the need for software installation on students' computers.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Teachers can directly observe students' programming progress on virtual machines and provide guidance at the same level as in-person classes, showcasing a significant advantage of CES-Alpha.
  • Online Chat Function: With our online chat function (Function 4), teachers and teaching assistants can efficiently address student questions during online classes, ensuring smooth communication.

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Mathematical exercises with automated grading function

  • Automated Grading: Our auto-grading function for math exercises employs symbolic computation to evaluate varied input formulas accurately. For instance, 2(x+3) is recognized as equivalent to 2x+6.
  • Input Check Function: To address the common difficulty students face when inputting mathematical formulas, we introduced a user-friendly syntax check function, significantly simplifying the process.
  • Auto-Generated Exercises: Configure random variables (parameters) in the math exercise settings to automatically create unique yet similar questions tailored for each student, promoting repetitive practice and discouraging unauthorized answer sharing.

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Manual of CES-Alpha

Manual(HTML Page)

Technologies and software used in CES-Alpha

Google Compute Engine

Google App Engine

Jupyter Project

Octave Kernel for Jupyter

FEniCS Project


  • CES-Alpha Team
  • E-Mail:info@ces-alpha.org

liulab_logoThe CES-Alpha system is developed by the Liu-Lab, Faculty of Science, Niigata University.