Every year since 2015, under the support of JST Sakura Science Program (SSP), we invite students from mainland of China, Taiwan and other countries/areas to Niigata University to have a communication on scientfic computing. 

Due to the problem of COVID-19 pandemic, it was difficult to open the face-to-face event from 2020. In Februrary 2021, we had an online seminar with the topic on verified computing to keep the communication with each other. In the cominng Februrary 2022, we plan to open an online seminar with the following topics. People are welcome to join the session of interest.

  1. Forum on online education of mathematics and programming in COVID-19 days
  2. Introduction to verified computing
  3. Free disscusion on studing at Japan


Online registration before Feb. 1, 2022. 

(Notice: If you registered with QQ email but did not receive the email from CES, please contact Xuefeng Liu directly.)


The online lectures will be held over Zoom. Please install the Zoom software before the first lecture.  (A Zoom account is not needed.)

To do the online exercise with teaching support, the Cloud Education System (CES) will be used in this seminar. 

  1. Zoom  [GO] (Installation needed)
  2. Cloud Education System [GO] (No installation)

Program (tentative)

  ATTENTION: All the time below is by Tokyo time. Tokyo time is one hour earlier than Beijing time.

Feb. 21

Forum on online education of mathematics and programming in COVID-19 days


Orientation (LIU Xuefeng)

Greeting message













1) Online programming with CES: application of virtual machine technology in programming education.

(LIU Xuefeng / 劉 雪峰、新潟大学)

2) Report of auto-scoring system in the education of advanced mathematics 

(ZHANG Yu / 張宇、貴州財経大学)

3) My Experiences on Using MapleTA for Online Tests of Calculus Courses


(SHU Yu-chen / 舒宇宸、成功大学)

4) Pitfall of symbolic computation in auto-scoring system for mathematics exercises

(IKE Koichiro / 池 浩一郎、新潟大学)

5) Julia language in programming education

(TAKAYASU Akitoshi / 高安 亮紀、筑波大学)

Free discussion

 Feb. 22

 Introduction to verified computing


(Detailed program to be announced)

1) Lectures by several active reseachers in Japan.

The content covers interval arithmetic, fixed-point theorem, solution verification method, ... 

2) Introduction to verified computing libraries

kv, vcpvfem, ...

3)Report on latest result on solution verification for Navier-Stokes equation over 3D domains.

Latest result to appear in  CNSNS journal.

Feb. 23

 Free disscusion on studing at Japan



1) Introduction of study at Niigata University 

2) Discussion with students and professors in Japan universities


For any question about this online lecture, please contact: 

LiuLab@Niigata University.